RoYds Part 15 - Fury

Present Day

It had been a dark day. The air was heavy with static and he sensed there was a storm coming. He knew that he would experience a migraine before the storm itself; the aura had already started to drain his body and his vision was becoming grainy. His cheekbones ached and there was a pulsing at his temples as the storm’s teeth sank deeper into his flesh.

He stood watching the nightclub. His nerves strained as his hatred and fury rose.


He noticed a taxi pull up and a group of people leaving. It was getting late. He had no idea how long he had been there.

A young girl walked by. Her long, extended bleach-blonde hair caught his attention as she passed under the lamppost. Her sweet musky perfume agitated his head further and poisoned his stomach. He couldn't help but notice that her lips were thick with grease and most of her flesh was exposed. He started to follow her. The street lights around him went out one by one.


“I’ve got to go!”

“Come on, Kerry, the party’s just starting!”

“No, I’ve really got to go. My Dad’ll be waiting for me. I should have been home five minutes ago!”

“Oh, right then,” came the sarcastic response. “See you tomorrow, if you are allowed out again.”

Going the long way round would mean being a further twenty minutes late and she could not risk it. There was only one thing to do: she would have to cut through the cemetery.

By the time she reached the cemetery gates, her heart was thumping in her neck and from where she was standing she could just make out the light shining in the window of a neighbour's house.

She removed her high-heeled party shoes and felt the cold, damp ground beneath her stockinged feet. For a moment she considered running across the grass and then dismissed the idea, convinced that her legs would probably shake so much they would slow her down and defeat the purpose of her using this shorter route.

One, two, three, go! Kerry Crabtree began running as fast as she could. The tarmac road was relatively gentle on her feet and she kept her eyes focused on the light ahead.

It was stupid really. She was more likely to see them at work or in town than in the cemetery, but at least in those other places she had company around her and could pretend that they were just like anyone else. Here and now, she could not manage to fool herself into thinking that they were anything but dead.

She was coming up to her grandmother’s grave; not far now, only a few hundred yards left. There was a rustling to her left and something began to move quickly across the grass; it was catching up with her fast.

Tears streamed across her cheeks as she reached for the silver locket around her neck as if it were some kind of lifeline.


Kerry Crabtree sat weeping and worrying what her mum was going to say when she arrived home. There were grass stains on her clothing and her hair was dishevelled beyond belief. Everyone she met on the way home was going to assume she was making the walk of shame. She was in an awful lot of trouble.

Where was her handbag and her other shoe? She had looked everywhere but they were nowhere to be found. She would just have to start making her way home and flag down the first car or person she came across. Which way should she go?

After a while she became frustrated and felt like screaming. Eventually, she came across a telephone box and tried to call her mum but could not get through. She decided to call the police; they would help. There was no answer. There must be something wrong with the telephone. Vandals probably.

Her mum was going to kill her if she didn’t get home soon. Somebody must be able to help her! Where was everyone?

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  • At 21 October 2009 at 00:43, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bimbimbie said:

    "When I lived at home there was a wasteland in the street - a house had been bombed in the war and I can remember always running fast past that spot and if my dad was walking me home at night from the local kids club I'd walk with my arm tucked in to his and close my eyes. Just got that feeling again reading your latest ..."

    "I liked the bit about the migrane too, I hate it when the storms role in "

  • At 21 October 2009 at 12:49, Anonymous Melissa said…

    That first paragraph is fabulous! And the story gets more intense as we go -- what I love is how the two stories entwine as Kerry starts to go through the cemetery -- when the blood thumps in her neck, the reader knows that someone else is watching that heartbeat, too, hungrily. Shivers! You do a super job of inserting bits about the character seamlessly into what's happening -- anyone would be a big nervous about going through a cemetery at night, but then you tell us of how Kerry has a special reason to be unnerved. I love the comfort she gets from the light from the neighbors' house and her grandmother's grave ... and that she doesn't realize what's happened when she wakes up ... eeks!

  • At 22 October 2009 at 13:07, Blogger Vesper said…

    the storm’s teeth sank deeper into his flesh - excellent!
    The street lights around him went out one by one. - ooohhh...

    This gets better and better! The scene with Kerry is very suspenseful, very well written. Again, a few well chosen words manage to convey the urgency, the mystery. Like you, I was reading faster and faster... Excellent chapter, Miladysa!

  • At 22 October 2009 at 23:06, Anonymous Miladysa said…

    Dear Lady Bimbimbie, Lady Melissa & Lady Vesper

    I am overwhelmed and thrilled by your amazing comments! Thank you so much for your feedback - you truly make writing worthwhile.

    Love & hugs
    M xxx


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