RoYds Part 5 - Fallen Angels

Present Day

Elizabeth wasn’t sure how long she had been sleeping. She watched through heavy lids as a very tired looking Stanley put his glass down for a moment and ran his hands through his thick brown hair. He lifted his head and his glass before turning again to face her.

“Sweet dreams?”

“I wish,” she replied forlornly whilst continuing to concentrate on a presence behind him. It had been there for the past few minutes and although she was unable to see anything she had been able to form a pretty good mental image.

Definitely male, with the most amazing long hair that rippled across his face and tumbled down towards his shoulders in what looked like a million or more strands of light. She found herself fighting an overwhelming urge to walk towards him and gather together a harvest of the strands. There was a slight tinkling sound associated with him too, she could hear it. Only faintly, but it was there nonetheless.


Elizabeth was jolted from her thoughts by a burst of sinister laughter which came from a newly arrived presence seated in shadow at the far side of the room.

Taking the sound as a challenge, she turned her attention towards the seated presence. She sensed earth, granite, rain and wind. It was as if moorland had been moulded into a man. For a moment she was engulfed by a wave of dark green.


“Greetings, Bess,” he whispered menacingly into her ear as both fallen angels appeared close by. Elizabeth felt as though someone had just walked over her grave.

“Good of you to join us, gentlemen!” said Stanley.

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Whituth's living can't see the dead but psychic Elizabeth Whyte can see everyone: living humans, delayed souls, fallen angels, vampires and fae. She helps maintain the fragile peace between light and darkness in her work with RoYds, an unworldly refuge. But that peace has suddenly become fragile. Whituth's carefully maintained balance is tipping toward darkness. Now Elizabeth and her angelic allies must discover who or what is threatening both town and refuge before balance is lost forever


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